The company’s thermoplastics processing industry currently caters primarily to the needs of the automotive and electrical industries. Accordingly, we process significant quantities of engineering plastics (filled and unfilled), such as ABS, PA, PC, PS, POM, and as a engineering plastics factory, we have extensive experience in their production. In addition to these, of course, we also produce products made of PP and PE materials for parts with lower mechanical requirements. Based on our experience, we also undertake the testing of foreign-owned tools.

Our machine park is at the service of our customers from 25 t to 3000 t. Most of our machines are automated and equipped with manipulators, this reducing the possibility of human error.

The plant also performs ultrasonic and vibration welding, laser engraving, pad printing and embossing of locally injection molded parts, for which we have advanced technology, as well as manual and semi-automated assembly.