Tool manufacturing

Tool manufacturing:

The tool factory of KUNPLAST-KARSAI ZRt. Specializes in the production of plastic processing tools. In addition to the production of new tools, the main task of our 23-person tool factory is to maintain the tools of our partners and our own tools, and to make the necessary minor repairs and modifications.

This activity is essential to keep our customers safe with their high-value tools.

In 2007, our company expanded its tool manufacturing capacities, primarily in the field of large-scale and high-precision tool manufacturing. The capacity expansion meant the installation of a state-of-the-art CNC central machining and milling machine, as well as the Unigraphics NX Parametric CAD CAM design system (4 workstations), NC machining system, which is now essential for high-quality tool production. Our goal is to achieve the European standard production capacity of medium and large tools in Hungary in Kiskunfélegyháza.